Hey Camp Micah Families,

Micah in Israel is off to a great start in Poland! We have hit the ground running, touring Auschwitz and hearing from someone who has been honored with a Righteous Among Nations Award, who was part of a Christian family who risked everything to save Jews during the holocaust. We have had an adventure traveling to the salt mines, which contained some amazing sights and tastes! With the spare time had, we have explored the city of Krakow. While in Warsaw, we visited the Polin Museum and learned about the 1,000 years of Jewish history. We also walked through the Warsaw ghetto and observed a piece of the ghetto wall. We have had an educational experience throughout Poland and everyone is super excited for Israel!! Check out our first Shabbat Message which will be shared with the Micah community tonight in the chapel!

Peace, Love, and Pierogi,

-MII ‘19


Jendobre Camp Micah!!

Currently it is Friday and we are in the air on our way to Israel from Poland! We had an exciting week traveling throughout Poland and learning about the Jewish culture there. The first day was a bit of a struggle due to that fact that not a lot of us slept in the past 30 hours because of a mixture of flights & layovers. We left Sunday from Boston, landed in Amsterdam, then, flew on a tiny plane to Krakow. It felt like it was a private jet because the whole plane was crowded with the neon blue Micah in Israel shirts and oversized Keshet bags. We jumped right into action and immediately did a walking tour of Krakow, which would have been absolutely amazing, BUT there was still the fact that we didn’t have any energy in our systems. The next day, we visited Auschwitz-Birkenau which felt difficult to process and truly understand the Holocaust and it’s serverity, especially after seeing so many photos throughout our lives. Then on Wednesday, we took a 5 hour bus ride to get to another part of Poland, which was filled with lots of cheers, music, and Super Smash Bros, which was Zak and Drew’s favorite by far. We took a pit stop to go 800 steps down underground into a salt mine to be amazed with a very beautiful scenery and very salty walls and floors, which definitelyyyy no one licked…. When we finally got to Warsaw, we were amazed with the absolutely stunning cityscape. Yesterday, we walked all day and even went to the biggest mall any of us have ever seen, all while celebrating Charlotte’s 17th Birthday. It may seem like this trip has been nothing but smooth sailing but we did experience some mishaps as a whole. On day 1 Adam forgot his passport and missed all of Poland. Chloe wouldn’t stop chanting Shabooya for the whole long bus ride. And everyone won’t stop singing Dancing Queen on the public streets. We are so excited for many more weeks filled with traveling, finding our Jewish identity, swimming, dance parties, and much much more. 

We miss everyone soooo much and can’t wait to see you all in 5 weeks and share all our amazing stories!


Justin “Bucket List” & Lila “ Walks in the middle of road”

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