July 1, 2022

Hi Camp Micah! Shabbat Shalom! We just left Poland and have had a very educational and important few days, both seeing outside of our American bubble and getting in touch with our people’s roots. While this journey has been both fun and sad, it has been extremely meaningful to us and and brought us closer to our Jewish identities. This is only the start of the trip, and we are very excited to explore all of Israel!

After we arrived in Israel, we said goodbye to our new friends we met on the plane, Yam Madar the Celtics 2020 second round draft pick and the rest of the Israeli National Basketball Team. Tonight, was our first Shabbat of the trip where we held our own Micah Shabbat Service in the nice gardens of the Hotel followed by a great Shabbat kiddish and dinner, which was delicious and had incredible Brisket. After dinner, we had a meeting with all our Micah and Israeli counselors.

Overall, it was a really fun Shabbat, and we are very excited to sleep in tonight.

Shabbat Shalom Camp Micah,

Written by Sophie, Simon, Davi, and Bulldog.

Ps. Hi Sam Q

pps. Shout out to all of the siblings, Sam, Seth, marlie, Jeremy, Hannah, Aaron, Adam, Leah, Sasha, Cameron, Maddie, Asher, Asher, Lanie, Eli, Eli, Drew, Teddy, Dylan, Zane, Alexa, Jack, Sydney, Jake, Sydney, Ellie, Livie, Jack, Ben, Madelyn, Julia, Hannah, and Shira

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