Today was Trip Day at Micah and our Critters, Prowlers, and Timbers all had amazing adventures around Maine! The Critters and Timbers went to Funtown (a local amusement park) and the Prowlers spent the day at Aquaboggan (a water park).

Tonight, some Lower Summit guest bloggers are here in the Programming Office to tell us all about their whitewater rafting trip!…

The Lower Summits returned to camp tonight after our overnight whitewater trip on the Kennebec River. On Tuesday, we arrived at our campsite and were excited to see that we got to spend the night in a half tent-half bunk structure. When we got to Moxie, we took a two-hour inflatable kayak trip down the river for a few miles. No need to worry but Jonah S., Dougie S., and Benji H. may have paddled by the exit point of the river and got a little extra time in their boats. Everyone got reunited!

Burgers and hot dogs were our delicious dinner choices. A lot of Lower Summits learned a new, vital life skill – skipping rocks! We had a campfire and s’mores, an impromptu talent show featuring “Twin Telepathy” with Heather G. and Courtney G. We played “The Jerk Song” and our own version of a Micah favorite: The Most Dangerous Game. Riley I. and Matt D. were the contestants and Riley lost – which means he had to jump in the river! Later that evening, the whole group decided to jump in too!

The next morning, we woke up to a delicious pancake breakfast. After breakfast, we got ready to go by putting on our helmets and lifejackets and took a short drive to where we were to enter the river. When we were in the water, the rapids went up to class 4. The biggest rapid was called “Magic Falls” – a class 4 rapid with an 8 foot decline. Everyone thought it was so much fun…maybe a little scary, but awesome. There were times that we could hop out of the boat for a swim and we loved bringing our Micah cheers to the boats. Some boats played a fun balancing game and rowed in circles. There seems to be a discrepancy about exactly how many miles the trip was but after somewhere between 8 – 13 miles, and 3 hours, it was time to come ashore. We went back to the campsite and had a scrumptious meal of steak, grilled chicken, and more. Some of us bought some cool new apparel at the shop. After lunch, we packed up and loaded the bus. We stopped for pizza and made it back to Micah in time to shower, help write tonight’s blog, and get a good night’s sleep.

Overall, the entire group bonded like never before. We got to experience the thrill and excitement of the rapids, and the tranquility and calmness of enjoying our beautiful surroundings. We participated in quintessential summer experiences – jumping in a lake and a river, playing cards and frisbee by the water’s edge, roasting marshmallows, singing around the campfire, rafting and swimming together, enjoying the view…and each other. Everyone thought the trip was amazing and are looking forward to next summer when we all get to lead camp as B15 and G14.

-Jeremy K., Riley I., Jenna E., Hanna S., Julia P., and Sarah S.


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